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Missed an event at the IWM? This archive holds videos of past lectures and public debates. In recent years, the Institute has also increased its livestream activities. To stay informed, subscribe to our YouTube channel.


Leben wir im Zeitalter des Populismus?

“Europa im Diskurs” mit dem Soziologen Heinz Bude, Bundeskanzler Christian Kern, Roger Köppel, Nationalrat, Schweizerische Volkspartei (SVP), Jan-Werner Müller, Professor für Politikwissenschaft, Princeton University; IWM Visiting Fellow und Karin Priester, Politikwissenschafterin, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster. Es moderiert: Alexandra Föderl-Schmid, Chefredakteurin DerStandard
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Michael Ignatieff: Migration, Asylum and Human Rights

Michael Igantieff discusses in the Political Saon with Christian Ultsch und Ivan Vejvoda the question: How do we reconcile refugee’s rights of asylum with sovereign rights of border control and citizens’ rights to security?
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James Kirchick ‘The End of Europe’

In this panel discussion James Kirchick (Fellow, Foreign Policy Initiative, Washington; correspondent, Daily Beast) discusses his latest publication "The End of Europe: Dictators, Demagogues, and the Coming Dark Age" with Ivan Vejvoda (Permanent Fellow, IWM).
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Luuk van Middelaar on ‘A Way Out of the Crisis’

In this book presentation Luuk van Middelaar discusses the recent German edition of his book "A Passage to Europe", as well as current challenges facing the European Union.
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Europa, USA: Was ändert sich mit Trump?

Hochrangig besetzte Debatte im Burgtheater mit der Journalistin Alison Smale, dem Politologen Ivan Krastev, Regisseur Robert Dornhelm, STANDARD -Chefredakteurin Alexandra Föderl-Schmid, dem republikanischen Trump-Kritiker Jim Kolbe und der Carnegie-Analystin Judy.
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Rainer Bauböck on ‘Democratic Inclusion: A Pluralistic Theory of Citizenship’

Who has a claim to be included in a democratic political community? Answers to this question distinguish populists from democrats. In this talk Rainer Bauböck propose that the question needs to be broken up into three: Whose interests should be represented in democratic decisions? Whose rights ought to be protected by democratic governments? Who has a claim to citizenship and voting rights?
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Leben wir in revolutionären Zeiten?

Im Wiener Burgtheater diskutieren Agnes Heller, Philipp Blom, Karel Schwarzenberg und Hans Christian Ströbele zum Thema "Leben wir in revolutionären Zeiten?" Durch die Diskussion führt Alexandra Föderl-Schmid.
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‘How (not) to Explain Violence’ by Wolfgang Knöbl

By using ethnographic insights and philosophical arguments Wolfgang Knöbl clarifies the rather confusing debate on violence and to sketch a plausible strategy in order to come to terms with violent phenomena.
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A. Kurkov, A. Portnov, A. Shekhovtsov: The Future of Russianness in Post-Maidan Ukraine

Three years after the Maidan, what is the future of the Russian language, culture and identity in Ukraine? Does it make sense to approach the conflict in the country’s east along ethnic lines? Does de-communization mean de-Russification? Are Russian speakers especially vulnerable to Russian propaganda? These questions are discussed by Andrej Kurkow, Andrii Portnov and Anton Shekhovtsov.
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Anton Shekhovtsov: Russia and the Western Far Right

The lecture discussed relations between various Russian actors (activists, politicians, organisations, media, officials, etc.) and the Western far right. It provided a historical perspective, discussing the pro-Soviet or pro-Russian views of particular Western far right activists, but its major focus is contemporary Russia.
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Time for a New European Security Dialogue?

In order to promote greater understanding and cooperation, it is time for a new dialogue about European security. What are the opportunities and risks, not least with a new American President? And what could be the role of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) under Austria’s Chairmanship in 2017?
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Martin Pollack: Ach Ukraine!

Der Vortrag eröffnete die konstituierende Sitzung der Österreichisch-Ukrainischen Historikerkommission und beleuchtete die Beziehungen zwischen Polen und der Ukraine aus der persönlichen Perspektive des renommierten Polenkenners.
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A. Fahrmeir, G. Hellmann, M. Vec on ‘The Transformation of Foreign Policy’

Andreas Fahrmeir, Gunther Hellmann, Miloš Vec are presenting their latest book: The Transformation of Foreign Policy: Drawing and Managing Boundaries from Antiquity to the Present, Oxford University Press, 2016.
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Lubomír Zaorálek: Escaping the Trap of Radicalism

This Political Salon addressed the issue of radicalism in the context of European modernity as well as in light of the current crises engulfing the European Union. It made the case for a new politics of moderation to safeguard an open and tolerant Central Europe as a key element of rebuilding the European project after Brexit.
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On Solidarity X: Mobilizing for the Commons

From November 4 to November 6, 2016 the 10th Conference 'On Solidarity' - Mobilizing for the Commons took place in the European Solidarity Centre in Gdańsk.
The event was organized jointly by the Institute for Human Sciences (IWM) in Vienna, the European network of cultural journals, Eurozine, the European Solidarity Centre in Gdańsk and Res Publica Foundation, in partnership with ERSTE Foundation and the Mayor of Gdańsk.
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Evgeny Dobrenko: Aesthetics of Terror and Terror of Aesthetics

In the 20th century, beauty was used by the most barbaric and repressive regimes, be it in Stalin’s Russia, Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, or Franco’s Spain. In the transition to Modern times aesthetics replaced theology and beauty lost its sacredness. Its secular equivalent–Sublime–was politically instrumentalised by totalitarian regimes which created reactionary populist mobilizational cultural projects based on perfect simulation of beauty. Therefore, totalitarian kitsch has to be understood not simply as a decline of taste, but as a byproduct of cultural democratization and means of legitimizing terror in which aesthetics played a pivotal role.
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Claus Offe – Citizens in Europe

Claus Offe presents his latest publication (edited with Ulrich K. Preuß).
Exploring the political order dilemmas of capitalist democracies, the authors address moral and institutional prerequisites on which the deepening of European integration depends. The desirability of such deepening is currently contested, with the membership of some states (and their compliance with the spirit of the Union’s treaties) at stake.
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Adam Rotfeld:
Poland, Ukraine, Russia – Difficult Past, Uncertain Future

In December 2015 Adam D. Rotfeld resigned as co-chairman of the Polish-Russian Group on Difficult Matters. In this Political Salon he discussed with Christian Ultsch (Die Presse) and Paweł Marczewski (IWM): What were the achievements and the failures of the Group. Is there a return to an open discussion between Poland and Russia about their difficult past and uncertain future? Can and should Poland engage Russia on this level despite Russian aggression against Ukraine? Moreover, in the face of growing suspicion and increasingly inflammatory political rhetoric in relations between Poland and Ukraine, is there a need for a similar group dealing with “difficult matters” between those two countries?
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Vienna Humanities Festival

Von 23. bis 25. September veranstalteten das Wien Museum und das IWM in Kooperation mit Time to Talk erstmals das „Vienna Humanities Festival“. Rund 40 Vorträge und Diskussionen verwandelten den Karlsplatzes in einen weiträumigen urbanen Salon. Eine Auswahl an Vorträgen gibt es auf unserem YouTube-Channel zu sehen.
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Jyotirmaya Sharma: Buber, Gandhi and Non-Violence

On February 24, 1939, Martin Buber wrote a letter to M.K. Gandhi, the Indian nationalist leader. Buber was reacting to comments made by Gandhi about the inability of Jews in offering non-violent resistance to the Nazi regime and characterising it as helpless and weak.
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Wiener Festwochen Debate: Is Europe Taking a Right Turn?

Why is there growing support for right-wing political parties? If religion and ethnicity are the new fault lines in European societies, what are the chances for amicable coexistence? This questions were addressed by Chantal Mouffe, Gilles Kepel and Philipp Blom on June 7.
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Ivan Krastev and Steven Lukes: ‘No Laughing Matter’

For his book No Laughing Matter, British sociologist Steven Lukes collected over 600 political jokes from all over the world. He tried out the best of these on a Viennese audience, aided and abetted by Ivan Krastev, who explained some of the jokes’ historical background.
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Timothy Snyder: East Slavic Lands and the Myths of Contemporary War

In his lecture Timothy Snyder considered the possibility that a troubling question at the center of Russian history and politics, the issue of the succession, might be at the root of Russia’s recent wars.
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Wiener Festwochen Debate: Freedom of Expression in Europe

Where does Europe stand in the debate on freedom of expression? What are the limits of freedom of speech, and should there be any at all? These questions were discussed by Miklós Haraszti, Agnieszka Holland and Claire Fox at the Burgtheater on May 31.
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Selected Audio Files:

Women's Day: The Backlash Against Women’s Rights

Ulrich Brinkmann: Die unsichtbare Faust des Marktes

Katya Gorchinskaya, Cathrin Kahlweit: Have Ukraine's Reforms Failed?

Slavenka Drakulic: How Women Survived Post-Communism (and Didn't Laugh)