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Katherine Younger | IWM

Katherine Younger

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Kate Younger

Research Director, Ukraine in European Dialogue

Katherine Younger (1986, Illinois) is a historian of modern Eastern Europe. She received her AB in Government from Harvard University in 2009 and her PhD in Russian and East European History from Yale in 2018. She has been affiliated with the IWM since 2014, first as a Junior Visiting Fellow, then as a Research Associate. Previously she worked at Ukrainian Catholic University (Lviv). Her research has been supported by fellowships from American Councils, the University of Vienna’s Doktoratskolleg Galizien, the Center for Urban History (Lviv), and the IWM. Her research explores the politics of religion, international relations broadly defined, and the flow of ideas in 19th century Europe. She is currently working on a book manuscript based on her dissertation, “Contested Confession: The Greek Catholic/Uniate Church in 19th Century European Politics.”

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Latest Publications

The Balkans as Europe, 1821-1914. Co-edited with Timothy Snyder. University of Rochester Press, 2018.

“From Chełm to Hnylychky: Confessional and Political Loyalties and the Greek Catholic Church, 1863-1882.” In Magdalena Baran-Szołtys, Olena Dvoretska, Nino Gude, and Elisabeth Janik-Freis, eds., Galizien in Bewegung: Wahrnehmungen – Begegnungen – Verflechtungen. V&R unipress, 2017.

“A church caught between?” Eurozine, February 2016.

Former affiliations at the IWM:

2016-2018: Research Associate, Ukraine in European Dialogue
2014-2015: Research Associate, United Europe – Divided History
2014: Junior Visiting Fellow

Former Project:
The Greek Catholic Church in Its International Context, 1839-1882


  • Ukraine in European Dialogue

    Understanding Ukraine and the nature of the current conflict with Russia is vital for the future of the European endeavor. The project Ukraine in European Dialogue seeks to contribute to this exchange.
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