Hebrew University Fellowships

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The European Forum at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and the IWM jointly award one six-month Junior Visiting Fellowship to PhD candidates in the humanities or social sciences.


The Junior Visiting Fellow will be invited to spend a six-month term between October 2017 and June 2018 at the IWM in Vienna to pursue a research project while working in residence at the Institute as a member of its international, multidisciplinary scholarly community. The fellow will receive a stipend of € 11,000 to cover accommodation, living expenses, travel, health insurance and incidentals during the stay at the Institute. Furthermore, the IWM will provide an office, access to the Internet, in-house research facilities and other relevant research resources in Vienna. In addition, the IWM will offer lunch five days a week.


Candidates for the fellowships

  • must currently pursue a doctoral degree in the humanities or social sciences at the Hebrew University,
  • their research topic must be broadly related to one of the IWM’s main research fields,
  • must not be older than 35 years.


The application should be submitted electronically and in 5 hard copies and should contain the following documents:

  1. the application form
  2. a concise research proposal in English (max. 4 pages, double spaced, A4)
  3. a curriculum vitae
  4. two references (scholars familiar with the applicant’s academic work)

Deadline for Application:
The deadline for application was April 27, 2017. The next call will be announced in due time.


Applications should be submitted to:
The Center of Austrian Studies
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Mount Scopus Campus
91905 Jerusalem

E-mail: cas@savion.huji.ac.il
Tel: 025881969
Fax: 02-5881079

Applicants will be notified about the decision by May, 20, 2017.


In cooperation with




Former Fellows

  • Assaf Ashkenazi

    Ph.D. candidate in Romance and Latin-American Studies, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
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  • Jan Kühne

    Ph.D. candidate in the Center for German Studies, European Forum, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
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  • Enrico Lucca

    Post-Doc researcher, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

    Junior Visiting Fellow
    (June – August 2017)
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  • Moran Pearl

    MA student in the Austrian Studies Program, Hebrew University (Jerusalem)
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  • Moishe Postone

    Thomas E. Donnelley Professor of Modern History and the College Center for Jewish Studies, University of Chicago; Co-Director, Chicago Center for Contemporary Theory
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  • Avraham Rot

    MA student of Sociology of Knowledge, Hebrew University
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  • Natalia Skradol

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Center for German Studies, European Forum, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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  • Noa Swisa

    MA student in German Studies, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
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