Monthly Lectures

Once a month public lectures take place in the IWM library on subjects related to the main research interests of the Institute. The purpose of these lectures is to be a window into the Institute’s work. Speakers include Visiting Fellows and international experts.

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November 2018


Understanding ‘Post-Truth’

In Western Europe, especially in France, after 1968 continental philosophy took a postmodern turn: a loss of faith not only in grand narratives, but also in a coherent subject, in stable meaning, and in absolute truth. Meaning—Jacques Derrida taught—flickers, subverts itself, is ever in flux. His philosophy of deconstruction represented, he wrote, “the least necessary …
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October 2018


Political Change, Capital Mobility, and the Populist Threat to Democracy

Politics has moved from parties of mass integration, through catch all parties, to cartel parties, to increasing fragmentation. Markets have moved from capital controls and embedded liberalism, to free capital movements and macroeconomic imbalances. These two movements seem to run in parallel even if they are not connected. Political elites have lost control over their …
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March 2018


Überreichtum – wann ist viel zu viel?

Für Platon war „Überreichtum“ ein exzessiver Reichtum, der nicht glücklich macht, weil er nicht tugendhaft ist. Aktuell ist die weltweite Vermögenskonzentration enorm. Inwieweit setzen Mitgefühl und Barmherzigkeit  der Habgier Schranken? Und sind Zorn und Neid tatsächlich eine Bedrohung für den Überreichtum von einigen wenigen? Martin Schürz ist Ökonom an der Oesterreichischen Nationalbank, wo er die …
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February 2018


Rethinking the Global Crisis

We are sorry to inform you that the Monthly Lecture has had to be cancelled! We appreciate your understanding! In the face of the overarching structural social transformations of recent decades, which were rendered manifest by the crash of 2008 and its aftermath, there has been a resurgence of critical approaches to capitalism.  Nevertheless, it …
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January 2018


New and Old Culture Wars in Europe and the Place of Central Europe

The Monthly Lecture has had to be cancelled! We appreciate your understanding! The Euro crisis and the migration crisis have revealed deep cleavages within Europe. The former is not just the financial crisis of the common currency, or the devastation of the reliance on particular financial institutions. But this crisis touched the very essence of …
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