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Former Projects | IWM

Former Projects

Economic Ideas and Institutions in Eastern Europe

This research project aims at understanding institutional and cultural change in Eastern Europe in conjunction with recent developments on the global marketplace of ideas.
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Sources of Inequality

Modernization and globalization have not only aggravated existing social inequalities but have also produced new forms of inequality. The latter, and their underlying causes, lie at the core of the research focus Sources of Inequality. This project concentrates on crucial issues of social policy: the care for children and adolescents, the sick and the elderly as well as people with disabilities.
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Ukraine, Russia and the Future of the West

The object of this project is the production of the manuscript of a short and accessible book on the recent events and ongoing war in Ukraine, meant as a guide to possible policy reactions and as an inquiry into the state of American and European public discourse as well as a description of the place of Ukraine in the contemporary world.
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The Perils of Moralism: Russian Orthodoxy and Russian Politics

In the recent history of the Russian Orthodox Church and Russian politics, the year 2012 has been a turning point. That year saw the largest mobilization of protesters against the government after the parliamentary elections; in 2012 Vladimir Putin was elected to his third turn as president and received the explicit support of the Patriarch …
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The Balkans as Europe

The project within the research project United Europe – Divided History, “The Balkans as Europe,” takes a new approach to understanding the history of the Balkans and, in turn, Europe as a whole. This project places the Balkans at the center of European developments, not as a conflict-ridden problem zone, but rather as a full-fledged European region.
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Polemical Christianity: Jan Patočka’s Concept of Religion and the Crisis of Modernity

The project dealt with the question of religion in the philosophical work of Jan Patočka and its importance for what is often referred to as the „crisis of modernity“.
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From September 2012 to January 2014 the IWM participated in the EU FP7-funded project Neujobs. Creating and Adapting Jobs in Europe in the Context of the Socio-Ecological Transition. IWM Permanent Fellow János Mátyás Kovács directed the project’s Work Package 2, entitled “Good Jobs” in a “Good Economy”.
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Religious Traditionalism and Politics

This research-focus aims at the comparative study of these and other traditionalist religious actors and their political agendas.
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Pavel Florensky and the Nature of Russian Religious Philosophy: Overcoming the Religious-Secular Divide

This project studied religion and secularism in the writings of Pavel Florensky (1882-1937), one of the main representatives of Russian religious philosophy. Funded by the Austrian Fund of Sciences (FWF).
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The Phantasmagoria as a Focus of Modernity: Genealogy and Function of a Philosophical Concept

The project investigates phantasmagoria both as historical and as systematic category at the interface
of aesthetics, economics, technology and politics. Funded by the Austrian Fund of Sciences (FWF).
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